The Amazing Benefits of CBD Oils

Now that we are all on the same page as to what CBD oils are and how they are extracted, here are some of the amazing benefits proven by science.

1. Pain relief
Pain relief is perhaps the number one reason why people take CBD oils. CBD has been shown to reduce simple inflammatory pain and even chronic pain among patients suffering from diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis.
The mechanism of action is not exactly known but Cannabidiol is thought to affect the brain pathways responsible for registering pain.
2. CBD oils reduce anxiety
If you are always worried about things you have no control over, a quality bottle of CBD oil may just be what you need to calm down.
Several studies have shown that CBD considerably reduces anxiety even in individuals suffering from SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder).
Anxiety caused by the fear of public speaking or the use of marijuana can also be treated using CBD.
Cannabidiol reduces anxiety by interacting with several receptors in the brain. Receptors that are thought to influence how the brain maintains a state of anxiety.
3. CBD oils increase appetite
Those of you who are feeling as if you just don’t have the drive or motivation to eat, a few drops CBD oil can turn that around faster than you can say Jack Robinson!
Scientists believe that the brain’s endogenous cannabinoid system can control feeding behavior. The receptors in the system, especially the CB1 receptors in the brain can be activated by CBD resulting in an increased motivation to eat.
4. CBD oils can help you sleep better
Suffering from insomnia? Research suggests that using CBD oils could help you fall asleep in double-quick time!
The exact way in which CBD does this is not known. However, researchers think that it is because CBD can positively affect the endocannabinoid system which is thought to play a role in the sleep-waking cycle of humans.
5. CBD is used for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Clinical studies have reported positive results in the use of CBD for the treatment of MS. CBD especially in combination with THC can reduce muscle tightness, reduce exhaustion, increase urination frequency, alleviate pain and enhance the general wellbeing of MS patients.
In fact, the clinical effectiveness of CBD for treating MS is so good that several medicines containing both compounds already exist in the market for the management of MS.
6. Management of Epilepsy
Some researchers have concluded that CBD can reduce seizures if used daily for a period of 18 weeks.
However, research on this is not conclusive because other studies have refuted this conclusion.
For us, we will stand on the side of hope. Hope that eventually, a wide-enough study will find that CBD can be used to treat epilepsy.
7. CBD can help you stop smoking
Addicted to smoking cigarettes? CBD may just be the “easy way out” you are looking for.
Studies have suggested that 7 days of using CBD may cut down the number of cigarettes smoked by nearly 40%.
Imagine what a month could do!
What is even fun about substituting cigarettes with CBD is the fact that you can vape/ smoke CBD if you want to.
8. Other benefits
Other benefits of CBD include reports that it can help treat bipolar disorder, Parkinson’s disease, Schizophrenia, and that it can fight cancer.