Pannasmontata Templates Intro

Hi people!

I know that since yesterday images, codes, clocks and calendars disappeared and no code can be dowloaded from the site.
That’s because the free FTP that I used to upload all the stuff is being closed without any advice.
Right now I’m working in order to move all the stuff to another place, that means that when everything will be moved I’ll give you the new links to the images and you’ll have to change them inside the code of your templates.
I know that it sounds a little boring (just think about how much i’m going to be pissed off changing thousands codes and links…) but I couldn’t foresee that all this could happen…
So please just be patient a little …thank you!! 🙂

UPDATE: Images are back but I’ll have to move them anyway. So please take now the chance to save all images of your template on your pc and in a free images hosting service!!!

At least I decided to put my hands again on this site e to bring it at life.
I’m sorry for this long hiatus but as you can image, for a long time I haven’t had inspiration, desire and time to work again.
By the way I really want to thank you a lot for all your messages, emails and supports. They were so much appreciated and they helped me a lot to choose not to quit the site.
Thank you thank you thank you!
I will patienly restart creating templates and other stuff for you but I still need a little time to reorganize a bit the whole site but I promise that I will come back 100% operative as soon as possible.

I’m currently studying architecture at the University of Trieste and I enjoy using my free time working on HTML, CSS and graphics.
Computer just invaded my life under many points of view: I love netgaming, modding, I collaborated with Hwupgrade for about one year writing reviews about modding and I’m still collaborating with it as moderator in the forum, I attended a course for webmasters and worked for one year as informatic technician for a small company here in Trieste and now my hobby is to create templates for blogs trying to learn more and improve my skills everyday.