This is a directory of excellent sites concerning bookkeeping and accounting. The services listed in these sites provide templates for quality small business bookkeeping and accounting. They will lead the savvy small business owner to the right bookkeeper or accountant in their area. We have divided the site into two groups:

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You need templates for successful small business best practices. These sites are associated with a group of websites and services that follows these best practices for bookkeeping, accounting, and other small business services.

Over the years, literally hundreds of thousands of small businesses have honored the Pannasmontata name for small business needs. has been a template for success for these, and today we hope to provide you guidance in finding the right resources. Our group has a wealth of information regarding bookkeeping and accounting. Using the directory as a guide will lead you to the right bookkeeper or accountant, whether your needs are for CPA referrals or low-cost remote bookkeeping services.

Finding the right bookkeeping service or accounting service is vital in the right templates for solid small business. To design the right system to use for your small business, you need the right bookkeeper or accountant to do so – whether that need is for low-cost monthly bookkeeping, tax preparation, and audit, or business consulting. This is true regardless of your business size – a small blog, a web designer with a small staff, or a small business of almost any kind.

Finding the right templates for a successful small business is often overlooked on the Internet. has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses with their needs over the years. We have provided tools that help entrepreneurs of all sorts with their needs. Many of our patrons have been from the online community – bloggers, web design firms, small businesses with blogs, online merchants. These entities have been from all over the world.

We want to provide our patrons with the right tools. Almost any small business needs templates for setting up their business correctly. Finding the right bookkeeping service or accounting service is a key to winning.

Understanding the difference between a bookkeeper and a CPA can help in this quest. Generally, in the United States, a bookkeeper is used for keeping the monthly books. QuickBooks is a popular software program to do so – with approximately a 90% market share. Often, a business works with a CPA, on the other hand, for professional advice and certain services that only a CPA can do (e.g. a public audit). The information in this directory will lead you to both resources.

We hope you enjoy our new site, and it guides to you to the bookkeeper, CPA, or business consulting resource you need.


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